Privacy Policy at Mostbet India

As a licenced platform, Mostbet offers clear rules on the type of information it collects from the user and how it does it. Thanks to its Privacy Policy, you can expect a transparent, convenient, and effective interaction with Mostbet.

Type of Information Mostbet Gathers 

Here is a list of data the Mostbet collects and stores:

  • Information the user types into the special registration form when he creates the personal account.
  • All types of correspondence between users and Mostbet customer care service via the site, email, different messengers, social media and more.
  • Information about the banking details you input on depositing and withdrawing.
  • Details of your visits, including login data, traffic, location, and more.
  • Client contact and ID details.
  • Technical information, including IP address, type of browser you use, PC tags, and more.
  • Personal gambling and betting history to prevent fraudulent and suspicious activity (according to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client rules).

All newcomers to the site must agree to the Mostbet Privacy Policy and its registration conditions. Thus, they also accept all potential consequences for violating the rules described above. Keep in mind that the platform stores information only when you are an active Mostbet user. If you decide to stop using Mostbet services and delete the personal profile, all sensitive data provided will be deleted as well.